About this Site

Please view a message from the Magistrates' Court of Victoria, IT Lead, Magistrate Tim Bourke. This video also shows an end-to-end demonstration of the eDocs Portal, using a Witness Summons.

eDocs Portal

eDocs Portal is an early initiative of the Case Management System (CMS) Project for the Magistrates' Court of Victoria (MCV) and Children's Court of Victoria (ChCV).

eDocs Portal is the introduction of the first step in the journey towards moving from hard copy documents to digital filing, via the eCourt portal. eDocs creates a more efficient way of interacting with the court for document lodgement and reduces the need to physically attend court.

Key benefits of eDocs Portal

  • More timely exchange of information
  • Faster access to information via online self-service
  • Reduction in time physically attending a court site to lodge documentation
  • Less time on the phone chasing progress of documentation

As of 3 October 2022 all external court users will be required to utilise the new Case Management System (CMS) for the exchange of all Civil documents with the Courts

Through the CMS Portal you can:

  • File and manage case documents electronically.
  • Lodge payments and process refunds online.
  • Receive updates when documents have been progressed.
  • View, track and download documents when needed.

CMS Project

The CMS Project is part of the Victorian Government's $1.9 billion package to address family violence, which will bring enhanced access to justice for Victorians, through stronger information sharing and improving court processes.

The project, a joint initiative of MCV and ChCV, supported by Court Services Victoria (CSV), will replace the current IT systems, some of which are 30 years old. The CMS Project team is embedded within CSV to deliver a product that meets the needs of the courts.