Help Centre Overview

Welcome to the eDocs Help Centre.

The Help Centre includes short videos and guides on how to use the portal, file a new case or existing case, and manage your filings.

What is eDocs Portal – Getting Started

Before getting started there are a few concepts and features that will help with using the eDocs Portal. This section covers the general use of eDocs Portal, how to login, features of the homepage, and basic navigation.

Filing a Document for a New Case

This section provides an overview of how to file a new case, upload documents, and make payments using eDocs Portal.

Adding Documents to an Existing Case

This section provides instructions on how to add documents to an existing case.

File a New Search Warrant

This section provides instructions on how to file a Search Warrant for Victoria Police.

Getting Help

This section provides links on how to find support for the eDocs Portal.

Viewing My Filings

This section provides guidance on how to view previous filings and view undelivered documents.

My Account

This section outlines how to view and manage your eDocs profile in My Account, including how to view and download filings, make changes to your user profile, view payments and view/action undelivered documents.

Organisation Administration

If you have an Organisation Administration role, you have access to additional features in eDocs Portal to manage user accounts for your organisation. This section covers how to add new users, update user status, suspend and unsuspend user accounts and update personal details.